Friday, March 24, 2017

London terrorist Khalid Masood 'begged for discount' in final night at budget hotel

KHALID Masood who brought terrorism to the streets of London tried to haggle on the price of his budget room – the night before the attack.


DISCOUNT: Khalid Masood tried to haggle the £59-a-night fee

The 52-year-old extremist mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a policeman to death outside the Houses of Parliament.

And it has been revealed that Masood spent his last few hours in a £59-a-night hotel in Brighton.

Staff at the hotel said Masood gorged himself on a kebab before travelling to London in the rented Hyundai.


SEASIDE: Police do not know why Masoud was in Brighton

No-one knew why he was staying at the hotel, as he brazenly chatted to staff about travelling to London.

A hotel source told The Sun: "No one knows why he came. He used a credit card with the name Masood to check in on Tuesday at 11.30am.

"Police traced him to the hotel because he got a receipt and left it in the car.

"It was definitely the car he used in the attack because that was parked in the car park when he stayed here. It was a hire car.

"He was very English but mixed race with a big beard.

"He said he lived above a guitar shop in Birmingham but he's not originally from the Midlands and had a London accent.


TERRORIST: Masood died after being shot by police

"But he said London wasn't like what it used to be. Police told us later it was definitely the Westminster attacker."

Police swooped on the hotel after finding Masood's recent in the terror car.

Another staff member revealed Masoo

The source added: "On both occasions he was asking for a cheaper rate. You would have thought if you were hellbent on committing a terror attack you'd chuck it all on a credit card and forget the cost."

It is not known why Masood was in Brighton prior to the attack.

Staff even liked him so much they put "nice guy" on his records while staying there.

Five people, including Masood, were killed in the attack, and 40 have been injured.

Source:UK Daily Star

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