Sunday, March 19, 2017

Life can be like a shoe

  Someone dear to me gave me this lovely pair of shoes. There is one challenges though and have told her. They seems to be too high for me. My kneels bend a little when I try to walk in them. It's so unfortunate because i love them so much. But I have not given up : I still practice walking in them in my room with little to no progress as my knees still bend a little. I think I will cut the heels just a little bit to help my knees.
    This made me think about the dynamic of life: life can be like shoes, it comes in different inches . Wisdom is wearing the ones you're comfortable in,  because competing with others can make you wear the wrong kind of shoes which leads to walking around with bent knees. Be comfortable,  don't feel intimidated by other people's progress. Walk tall in yours, don't bend your kneels.


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