Sunday, January 29, 2017

'No one can defeat Islam' ISIS threaten Trump with ‘child KILL salute’ over Muslim ban

ISIS have threatened to hit back at Donald Trump over his Muslim ban in a chilling picture of a little boy giving a “kill” salute.


MARKED MAN: ISIS have issued a 'kill' threat to Donald Trump over his Muslim ban

In the eerie image, cirulated online, a young angelic-looking boy is seen saluting with his index finger in threatening gesture known as the “Tawhid”.

A direct message to the US president appears alongside the image, which reads: “America, no matter who your President is, no one can defeat Islam.”

In Islam “Tawhid” – meaning “there is no God but Allah" – is used to express their unity with God.

But for ISIS, the gesture is used as a sinister threat to enemies who don’t buy into their radical and violent beliefs.


CHILLING: ISIS have addressed Donald Trump directly

Trump banned refugees and people from seven Muslim countries in a sweeping motion that shocked the world yesterday.

His execution of the executive order was instant.

Last night around 350 travellers with valid green cards and visas were denied from boarding flights and turned away at US border control.

More than 100 were stopped when they landed at US airports and another 173 were prevented from getting on flights to America.

Source: UK Daily Star

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