Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prince’s family hold ‘secret cremation’ days after tragic megastar’s death

PRINCE'S family have hosted a 'secret cremation' for the rock star, just days after his tragic death.


TRIBUTE: Fans have made makeshift memorials outside his Paisley Park Home

As fans around the world mourned Prince’s death, the music icon's family was carrying out a “private, beautiful ceremony”, his publicist revealed.

The international megastar – who always did things his own way – told his family he wanted “no drama” when it came to his funeral.

His body was released to his loved ones after an autopsy which hopes to shed light onto the purple one’s tragic death on Thursday.

He was then laid to rest within a week of his death, in keeping with the singer’s religious customs as a Jehovah’s witness.


RIP: He was laid to rest within a week of his death in keeping with religious customs

The singer is then believed to have taken his final journey – with his ashes being driven away by sister Tyka Nelson.

A close family friend told the Sunday Mirror: “Throughout his life and following his Jehovah's Witness faith Prince made it clear to his family that if he ever were to be taken from us he wanted to die with dignity.

“He had very precise ideas about how he wanted his death to be handled and that didn't involve a huge funeral but a quiet service."


SHOCK: The Purple Rain singer's body was discovered in a lift at his Paisley Park mansion

But despite the closed ceremony people close to the tragically deceased singer say that the world can still connect with him through his music.

They added: “He wanted it to be kept to the minimum of fuss. Prince was such figure you don't need a funeral to remember him by.

“The world has his music instead. He wanted to simply disappear with no fuss, no drama, no fanfare. It was just his style.

“It could not have been more different to Jackson’s service that was full of Hollywood razzmatazz.”


QUIET: The megastar told his family he wanted “no drama” when it came to his funeral

Source: UK Daily Star

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