Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FACEBOOK CENSORS: Even a photo of world famous statue is banned ...because it's too sexy

FACEBOOK censors have struck again – this time blocking a picture of one of the most renowned children's fairy tale characters because of her boobies.


RISKY: The Little Mermaid statue has now been seen in a whole new light

The social media giant banned the image of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark, because of its rules on sexy images

But the fairy tale character is far from being a porn star, for she featured in the story by Hans Christian Andersen and inspired the Disney movie of the same name.

The heavy-handed response came after a respectable Danish politician tried to share an image of the iconic statue on Facebook.

But Social Democrat MP Mette Gjerskov was gob-smacked to be told it could not be posted because of strict rules about posting racey pics.


RUDE: Facebook is scared the brassy bra free statue will shock people


SHOCKED: Social Democrat MP Mette Gjerskov is stunned at the Facebook ban message

“The Little Mermaid statue has now been seen in a whole new light”

Social Democrat MP Mette Gjerskov

Facebook claimed it displayed "too much bare skin or sexual undertones".

All she had done was write a blog featuring the picture of the children's fictional character.

Incensed that her national statue was been forbidden, Mrs Gjerskov shared the message online.

She said: "More than a little comical. The Little Mermaid is simply too undressed for Facebook.

"I can't advertise for my blog because TV2 has chosen the eye-catching mermaid.

"Hadn't seen it coming that our national treasure be categorised in line with child pornography and such abominations."

...perhaps some nipple shields wouldn't go amiss.


INNOCENT: Far from being a flasher, the Little Mermaid is a Victorian kid's book character

Facebook censors are becoming increasingly strict. One user found an innocent photograph of a party was taken down – because an arm looked like a big penis.

The Blackcock Inn in the Brecon Beacons has served hordes of locals over the past century but the name has suddenly become a sticking point for Facebook who banned their page for being "racist".

Source: UK Daily Star

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